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SiteSync Review: Make Everyday Backup to Protect Your Site Data

Hey there and welcome to my SiteSync review. Website security is becoming more and more important every year and it’s getting the attention of all webmasters. But it is so hard to avoid all the risk coming from the internet. That’s why today I want to introduce a brand new software to get you a safe way out of those risks. You will see it right below in my SiteSync review. It is very hard to have a tool that can help you with your business stuff recently. I used to have a lot of difficulties in my WordPress site setting up progress.

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning and see your blog was shut down or taken forever. Some ridiculous hackers have visited the site and literally robbed it from you. It is now used to place shitty ads that bring money to the hackers only.

That’s unacceptable, right? While the hosting service provider only has a backup version of your website from 30 days ago, your work for the whole month would be lost. For this, I’m possibly getting mad if I were you.

Now, it’s the truth that you cannot avoid the attacks from hackers or harmful software from the Internet. The only method you can do right now is to secure a safe way that you can bring your site back immediately with full data if it’s even hacked.

SiteSync is the brand new software to guarantee that for you. It uses the newest techniques and algorithms to create backups of your site on your schedule. You can download the date and restore the site almost instantly if there are any bad situations happening.

To know the full details and description of this software, check my SiteSync review below. You can see if it’s worth your investment or not.


SiteSync Review – Product Summary

  • Creator: Neil Napier
  • Launch Date: May 22, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Official Price: $37
  • Recommend: 100% recommended
  • Customer Response: Fast


What is SiteSync?

SiteSync can be described as cloud-based program done by the two professionals Paul Blitz and Neil Napier. You can make backups of your site, download or restore the data of it on autopilot. All you need is just a stable internet connection.

Now with SiteSync, you can rest assured your site data are fully protected with the newest version of it. If it’s even hacked or contracted by the virus, you can bring it to life again within just a few clicks.

Right from the dashboard, you can set up the software to perform the site backup process with 10 times more frequently than your hosting service.

To see all features of this software and check if it’s easy to use, see the below parts of my SiteSync review.


Key Features of SiteSync

The following list is what’s inside the software SiteSync. Let’s check it out:

Backup, Download, and Restore

These are the main features of this software. SiteSync was made to focus only on the most typical function that people want in it. You can make backups easily with short intervals, then downloads the site data to restore the site if there’s any problem.

Works with Multiple Platforms

SiteSync can be integrated with sites based on FTP, WordPress, and HTML. The flexibility of this software is very helpful and it suits any needs of you.

Manage up to 50 sites

In the basic plan, you get to manage backups of 5 sites at a time. If you upgrade it to the Lite Version, you have the maximum number of 50 sites to store. Unlimited site account is also available for ones who wants to buy more storage.

50GB Storage

With front-end basic and lite versions, you have 50GB to store your data. I believe this is plentiful for your need.

100% Cloud-Based and Automatic Update

The software is built totally on cloud services so you have to install nothing on your computer. That also means the system can update itself on automation so you can always have the latest software.


How Does SiteSync Work?

I believe that anyone at any levels can find it very easy to make a backup schedule with SiteSync. The recommended steps to work with SiteSync is as follows:

  • Step 1: Log into your account and see the dashboard
  • Step 2: Choose your site type and add a new site
  • Step 3: Validate your Site within SiteSync
  • Step 4: Set up the backup schedule and let SiteSync work automatically

SiteSync Video Demo


Who will need this software?

I recommend SiteSync to all webmasters and bloggers worldwide. This is an affordable choice of backup software that you should use. Protecting your site data and your works is never a waste.

SiteSync Review – Pros and Cons

The Pros of SiteSync

  • The price is reasonable
  • Clean design and easy-to-use functions
  • Fully compatible for integrations with various platforms

The Cons of SiteSync

There’s some advanced stuff about FTP would trouble beginner users.

My Verdict

I think SiteSync is pretty good to use. The techy stuff is quite annoying but you can get used to it in a short time. If you follow the demo tutorial video, it would be easy to get done.

Overall, the offers of SiteSync are so good with the 50GB Storage. If you only use a small or medium WordPress site, the space limit is huge for 5 sites like yours.

Even when the basic storage is not enough, you can still buy more at a very reasonable price.

SiteSync Review Conclusion

To sum everything of my SiteSync review up, this software offer is a great deal that you should not miss if you care about your website. Making backups frequently is a requirement to protect your site, and your hosting service cannot satisfy your need. SiteSync is a good choice for that purpose.

So, if you want to get this product, take the offer today because the price will rise in the next few days. Click the link below to check the sales page and get the official version of SiteSync right away!

This is the end of my SiteSync review and that’s all you need to consider buying this product. If you have any problems during the purchase process, contact me right away to solve it. Thank you for reading!

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